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Exterior application

For architectural purposes, EKSAL is particularly suitable for designing façades, both in the area of new buildings as well as refurbishment projects. The advantages are particularly apparent for large area applications, which place exceptionally high demands on evenness and stiffness. The EKSALbond FR (Fire Retardancy) version guarantees higher resistance to fire and as such can be used even on most demanding projects.

Application of EKSALbond aluminium composite panels EKSALbond is lightweight, flat, durable and resistant to exterior conditions. It can be mahined to fit many different shapes and offer numerous creative possibilities for architectural applications like:

• Ventilated façades
• Sandwich elements (as infills for curtain walls instead of glass)
• Exterior cladding
• Cladding for balconies and tunnels
• Door panels, room dividers